S u e---G u d e n k a u f
VP of Tangibles

Sue supports the team in countless ways, including keeping tabs of inventory, coordinating our trade shows, and pretty much filling in the gaps. Her Iowa roots shine through in her down-to-earth, concientious and friendly personality.

On JBiRD iNK: "I fully believe in the mission behind JBiRD iNK! There is a huge need in our society to have a positive impact on media/entertainment, and to reinforce and reinstate strong values and morals especially within families. The more of us who work together for this common goal, the more of a profound impact we can have on the world in our prayers, work, and interactions with those around us."

Some Of The Jobs I've Had Before...
Self-employed sign language interpreter, Post-secondary sign language interpreter, Co-chair for Student Ministry Team, waitress, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator for camp for people with disabilities.

My Educational Background Includes...
B.S. degree in Family and Child Studies from Northern Illinois University, RID national certification in Sign Language Interpreting.

Favorite Album: No one particular favorite, but I thoroughly enjoy comtemporary christian music including Michael W. Smith, Jars of Clay, Rich Mullins, The Waiting, Third Day, etc.

Favorite Movie: Once again, no one particular favorite, but I enjoy action and drama movies, and also oldie-but-goodies like movies with Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Katharine Hepburn.

Favorite Food: Hamburger or Chicken sandwich (plain :)

Favorite Book: “My Mommy Hates Me in January”-a children’s book.

Favorite TV Show(s): Alias, CSI, Everybody Loves Raymond

Favorite Childhood Toy: Iowa Hawkeye Basketball (still in use today).

Outside Interests: Sign Language and the Deaf community, the Catholic church, hanging out with family and friends, Dream time, and puddle jumping.

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