J a i m i e---H o l l e n b a c k
Publicity Princess

Jaimie lends her energy and enthusiasm to the team as the Publicity Princess. Whether it’s promoting Kim & Jason to the media, arranging various artist appearances, or growing the membership of Club K&J, Jaimie pours her passion into everything she does.

On JBiRD iNK: "I am so proud to say that I am a part of this team. The company’s inspiring mission shines through in each person. I think JBiRD iNK has already made a positive impact in the world, and the good will only spread from there."

Some Of The Jobs I’ve Had Before...
Babysitter, Newspaper Carrier, Drudge at Alumni Affairs Office, Resident Assistant, Kindergarten Teacher.

My Educational Background Includes...
High school in upstate NY; Some time at SUNY Geneseo; Bachelor’s degree from University of WI (Go BADGERS!); Master’s Degree from San Jose State University.

Favorite Album: I can always listen to a few tunes from ABBA Gold.

Favorite Movie: I LOVE MOVIES!! One classic is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Favorite Food: Tough one - I just like eating whenever I have the chance. I am partial to NYC pizza.

Favorite Book(s): Walk Two Moons (sad) / Nanny Diaries (hysterical).

Favorite TV Show: ALIAS (finally, an easy question!)

Favorite Childhood Toy: I wasn’t big on toys when I was little. But unlike Jason, I LOVED to swim. I even remember teaching my little sister to dive backwards.

Outside Interests: I like scrapbooking photos, spending time and laughing with my family and friends, and dancing.

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